The Relfe Institute promotes and provides a range of activities, extending beyond the warm welcome and development of children and young people in the Vila Erminda region in Peruíbe, on the southern coast of the State of São Paulo.

Explore our key programs:

Projeto Sementes (Seeds Project)

Empowerment begins with creating opportunities, but it starts by addressing the fundamentals. The Seeds Project is dedicated to providing action and movement for our participants through workshops on karate, street dance, sports, reading and writing, entrepreneurship, logical reasoning, citizenship, and recreation.

Above all, the program ensures daily nourishment, catering not only to physical well-being but also to intellectual, social, and interpersonal development, within the Coexistence and Strengthening of Bonds Service. The initiative reaches out to 200 children and adolescents facing social vulnerability in the Vila Erminda region of Peruíbe.

Implemented after school hours, the project aims not only to strengthen family and community bonds but also to unlock the skills and potential of those it serves. We engage in various activities with families and the community, including lectures, Zumba classes, health walks, literary evenings, and music and dance performances.

Our mission extends beyond shaping the lives of our children and adolescents; we strive to be catalysts for transformation within our community.

Relfe Tech

Digital inclusion has emerged as a cornerstone of the Relfe Institute’s growth, and starting in 2023, we are launching a technology and programming hub—Relfe Tech! Designed as a learning and training center for the youth served by the Institute and individuals from the surrounding region, it boasts a comprehensive setup for conducting introductory courses in IT and programming. In collaboration with our institutional partners, Relfe Tech aims to deliver training for navigating the digital world, enhancing employability, and, most importantly, fostering autonomy among the community, thereby generating social impact.

This facility is available for utilization by your company, and we are actively seeking additional partners who can provide professional courses. This collaborative effort will equip our young people with the skills needed not only for opportunities in the job market within Peruíbe but also for the potential to work remotely, ultimately transforming their lives, the lives of their families, and shaping the future for generations to come. 

Programa Jovem Aprendiz
(Young Apprentice Program)

The Young Apprentice program at Instituto Relfe provides a unique opportunity for young individuals to acquire practical skills, gain professional experience, and establish a competitive advantage in the job market.

Through our program, participants have the opportunity to develop valuable skills while earning a salary from our partner companies. This financial independence enables them to invest in their education and future endeavors.

Additionally, youth apprenticeship programs offer hands-on professional experience. Young apprentices work in real-world environments under the guidance of seasoned professionals, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations and develop industry-specific skills.

Another advantage of our program is the chance to build a network of professional contacts. By collaborating with experienced professionals, young apprentices can connect with influential figures in their chosen industry. These connections can be invaluable for future opportunities, opening doors to job prospects and facilitating professional growth.

The impact of young apprentices on the job market is significant. These programs not only provide avenues for young individuals to enter the workforce but also contribute to bridging the skills gap. Young apprentices bring contemporary skills, technological expertise, and a fresh perspective that are invaluable to companies.

Moreover, these aspiring professionals have the potential to evolve into future leaders and innovators. By providing a solid foundation of skills and experiences, apprenticeship programs empower young people to realize their full potential and make meaningful contributions to the growth and success of companies. 

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